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Senator Hoeven working with 40 other Senators for Veterans to have more long-term health care options


Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - North Dakota veterans may soon have more long-term health care options, thanks to Senator Hoeven.

Hoeven stopped in Fargo Friday to talk about the importance of improving health care availability, especially for long-term care facilities like nursing homes, hospices, and respite care facilities.


Right now most veterans, who utilize long term care in North Dakota, pay out of pocket.

But Hoeven is working with the legislature and 40 other Senators pushing for a rule that would authorize the VA to form agreements with long-term care providers.

The VA would pay for veterans to use long-term services.

Sen. John Hoeven/(R) North Dakota: “We've got to find a way to change the rules and regulations at the VA, so that when our veterans stay in nursing homes, those nursing homes will get reimbursed.  More of our nursing homes then will be able to take vets when they want to stay closer to home and closer to family.”

Currently, only 15 North Dakota nursing homes have agreements with the VA.