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Scheel’s $1 million donation

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - There will be a new name for the football field at MSUM following a huge announcement at Scheels All Sports.

As part of President Blackhurst's new "Laps for the Long Run" project, Steve Scheel announced a $1 million donation from the Scheels Company for MSUM.

Scheel called MSUM a well- kept secret. This follows donations recently to Concordia and NDSU.

As part of her inauguration, Blackhurst is donating $50,000 of her own money as she runs 50 laps at MSUM, raising money for much-needed scholarships.

Scheels announced it will donate $20,000 a lap, for a million-dollar gift for the athletic department.

The money to be used for artificial turf at MSUM.  The university will rename it "Scheels Field."

Steve Scheel- Scheels: “I’ve been told the faculty and administration will be carrying her the last few laps, if she can't make it. we've asked the pledge be used to put artificial turf on the Dragon football field.  We're just proud to be a part of that, and help President Blackhurst kickoff a good future for our partner across the river.”

There will also be an upgrade to the lights on the field.

President Blackhurst called the gift “transformational" for the university.