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Possibility of West Fargo School Board vote recount

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West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - West Fargo School Board candidates will have to wait a few more days before finding out "if" they made the cut.

The district's school board race was very tight with nine votes separating three candidates.

After numbers are finalized, if the percentages separating the candidates are still less than a half percent, there will be a recount.

Six people are fighting for four spots... Kara Stack and Jon Erickson are in...

But Shauna Vistad, Allan Skramstad, and Dan Schaeffer received 1,384, 1,382, and 1,375 votes respectively.

Michael Montplaiser- Cass County Auditor: “A recount isn't anything unusual, we do it quite often. It's kind of nice to do it once in a while because people, they test the accuracy of our machines, they hand count some ballots, the run them through the machine to see if the machine is accurate.”

Montplaiser says they should find out Monday if there will be a recount.