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Pending Lawsuit Brings New Meaning to Pride Week

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news Fargo, 58103

Fargo ND 301 8th St. S. 58103

North Dakota same-sex couples are still waiting for a change to the state's legal definition of marriage.

But that didn't stop the L-G-B-T community and supporters from filling downtown Fargo with colorful celebration.


This year's pending lawsuit is adding a dash of hope to F-M Pride.

Even if you couldn't hear the noise or see the colors, you could feel the love.

Ella Huwe/ Parade Goer: "People are out and open and happy... It's great."

The F-M Pride parade is among the largest pride celebrations in a town of this size.

But not so long ago that wasn't the case.

Ella Huwe came to Fargo 2-and-a-half decades ago when this would've been a shocking sight.

Huwe: "In 1990 everyone was pretty closeted and no one was out in the open and now it's a lot different."

The celebration is different. And many are hoping a change to North Dakota's legal definition of marriage is coming too.

Josh Newville/ Attorney Challenging Marriage Ban: "This year I think it's a little more bit more special because they know that the writing's on the wall and the ban... both the refusal to recognize marriages and the refusal to marry these couples is going to be short-lived I think."

Some longtime couples never thought they'd see downtown Fargo wearing rainbow.

Huwe: "I didn't think I would live to see the day when there would be gay marriage. I mean I just didn't think it would happen."

Newville: "These kind of filings... these kind of court cases help that discussion along."

And Huwe believes one day those discussions will become obsolete.

Huwe: "My kids don't get what the issue is. And now my granddaughter... I mean she's not even going to understand why there was ever a problem."

Huwe: "I love Fargo, I love North Dakota... I was born here, I lived here most of my life and i'm really excited that things are changing."

The attorney expects summary judgement of the challenged ban by December.