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One home stands alone in the middle of construction

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - 2 out of 3 homes along 4th Street South in Fargo have been bought-out as part of the flood protection project.

The one that remains is currently in the middle of 2 on-going construction projects.


The first project is the removal of sewer service lines from one of the previous removed homes.

The other project is the re-construction of the levee along 4th street which requires the road to be closed for a few weeks.

The city of Fargo is still working to acquire the one home remaining in that area.

Nathan Boerboom/ City of Fargo, Division Engineer: "We are able to work around it with the two projects going on right now. Long term though, we will be acquiring that project and continuing the re-construction of the levee along 4th street."

Right now, work on the levee is just between 12th avenue and the water treatment plant.

Next summer the project will move north to 10th avenue.