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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Thanks for tuning in for your afternoon update.

A Fargo man, charged with selling a 13-year-old girl for sex, is asking a judge to dismiss his case, saying

there's not enough evidence linking him to the crime. 24-year-old Prince Jones and 24-year-old Eyeesha

Hinton of Minneapolis are charged with human trafficking. Police say the couple pimped out a 13-year-

old girl on, disguising her as a 21-year-old. They discovered the ad, responded, then

discovered the victim, before tracking and arresting Jones and Hinton in Fargo.

A Bemidji man is accused of hitting his son in the face, shaking the baby, then dropping him while trying

to answer his cell phone. 38-year-old Donny Carlsen is charged with assault. Police responded to a call

about the 8-week-old child having difficulty breathing. They found the baby gasping for air and took him to

Sanford, where he was found to have limited brain activity. Carlsen admits to abusing the child.

The Lake Park mayor says he will not resign amid hundreds in town asking him to quit. This comes after

Mayor Aaron Wittnebel gave an Alford plea for stealing from his special needs sister, along with other

city protocol issues. Meetings have been held the past two months for people to express concern and

disapproval. The mayor failed to show at the previous two, but attended Monday night, fueling a heated


Jay Nelson, Lake Park Police Chief: Apologize to any of us employees about any of the chaos that you've

created by your actions.

Aaron Wittnebel, Lake Park Mayor: I'm not going to apologize for any of my personal issues. I'm not!

Nelson: It's not apologizing for anything in your personal life; it's apologizing for the light you've brought

onto the city.

One of the sponsors of the diversion is questioning its role. The Moorhead City Council brought up the

idea of canceling its sponsorship. This after it was asked to authorize soil testing and other evaluations

for the southern alignment of the project. The council denied it, but as a project sponsor, that's something

that would fall under its responsibilities.

A South Dakota teen has become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. 19-year-old Matt

Guthmiller completed the more than 29,000 mile journey in a single-engine airplane Monday night when

he touched down in California. Guthmiller's flight began May 31.

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And on the news tonight: Dom is live at the All-Star game.

Let's turn now to our retweet of the day... It's from BuzzFeed Music: "8th grade metal band gets $1.7

million contract from Sony."

The article says two of the band members of "Unlocking the Truth" decided to start a band after meeting

at a birthday party at just four years old. Now they are in eighth grade - the three band members ranging

in age from 12 to 13. They were reportedly discovered in 2012 by Eric Clapton's drummer. Not a bad gig.

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