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Nine year-old kills Arizona instructor in shooting range incident

A 9 year-old girl practicing with an Uzi at an Arizona gun range accidentally shot and killed an instructor. 2 / 2

Dolan Springs, AZ (CNN) – A 9 year-old girl accidentally shot and killed an instructor at a gun range in Arizona. It happened while he was showing her how to shoot an Uzi sub-machine gun. The tragedy was caught on video.

Video shows the final moments of instructor Charles Vacca's life before, deputies say, he was accidentally shot by that girl holding an automatic Uzi. Soon after that, investigators say the 9 year-old's Uzi kicks back, and a bullet is fired into Vacca.

Sam Scarmardo - Last Stop Arizona: “Like I said, it's like losing a brother. These aren't employees or associates of ours. These are family. We're all family.”

Sam Scarmardo operates Last Stop Arizona, the outdoor range in White Hills where it all happened Monday morning. Employees say that the little girl is from New York. She was only here on vacation, and her parents were at the gun range when the shooting happened.

Near the range is Rosie’s Den, where they say Charlie used to visit.

Employee - Rosie's Den: “All of the customers have been talking about it and it's really been breaking a lot of people's hearts because a lot of us knew him down there. It's been a rough day.”

This news itself is of course devastating, but it also raised concerns among viewers, that we brought to the range operator.

Reporter: “How does a 9 year old get an Uzi in her hands?”

Sam Scarmardo: “Well a 9 year old gets an Uzi in her hand when uh, they're within the criteria, which is 8 years old. We instruct kids as young as 5 with 22 rifles and they don't get to handle high firearms but they're under the supervision of their parents and our professional range masters.”