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New pictures from the U.S. State Department appears to show that Russia is firing at Ukraine from inside Russia

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - New pictures from the U.S. State Department appears to show that Russia is firing at Ukraine from inside Russia.


U.S. leaders say the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine could not continue without Russian support.

The United States is accusing Russia of directly firing at Ukrainian government forces from across the border.

The state department released these pictures which they say show blast marks where missiles were fired from on the Russian side, and corresponding impact craters on the Ukrainian side.

The strongest U.S. allegations yet of direct Russian involvement in the fighting.

Ben Rhodes/Senior White House Advisor: “We believe that absent Russian support, absent Russian weapons, this separatists could not sustain what they are doing.”

Russia is remaining silent. Given new photographic evidence, Ukrainian officials are asking for more help.

Pavlo Klimkin/Ukrainian Foreign Minster: "We need U.S. assistance for success."

Meanwhile, fighting continues near where Malaysia airlines flight 17 went down.

Investigators are still unable to access the entire crash site.

Russia's state run news agency says Moscow has formed a team to help with the investigation.

But U.S. officials question Russian president Vladimir Putin’s motives.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi/(D) Minority Leader: "Putin, for all of his -- is insecure about Russia's role in the world now."

"I think Putin is living in his own world."

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright also says European nations need to step in.

Madeline Albright/Former Secretary of State: "We don't want to be the world's policeman. I am appalled frankly at the slowness of the Europeans in understanding what is going on in Europe itself."

Ukraine says it has lost more than three hundred soldiers since April seventh.  Nearly 1300 have been injured. There are no known numbers on separatist casualties.

The White House is urging European nations to impose additional sanctions on Russia.