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New Hampshire man crushed by 3 ton boulder during excavation project

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Raymond, NH (CNN) - A New Hampshire man was crushed by a 3 ton boulder, leaving a community shocked.

It was a project he'd been working on for a couple months. Paul Comeau, a father and martial arts instructor, told his neighbors he was digging up a huge boulder against his home, because it was creating a path for water to run into his basement when it rained.


Cara Maurice – Neighbor: “When it's that big, you would think you would ask for help. There’s plenty of neighbors around here who do that on a daily basis. We go up to neighbors houses and  help them out."

This was one huge rock: 6,000 pounds, about 5 feet wide.

Lieutenant Michael Labell - Raymond Police Department: "He was in the ditch digging around the bottom of the boulder with a hand held tool of some sort."

The last time Comeau's family saw him was at about 3:00 in the afternoon, when he said he was going onto the back yard to work on that rock project. It wasn't until hours later, his wife realized he was missing and eventually found him in the worst possible situation.

Lieutenant Michael Labell: "The boulder got free and rolled towards him, pinning him between the boulder and the side of the ditch."

It took a tow truck to free him. By then, it was too late. A family left devastated, along with a community of martial arts students, and neighbors stunned.

Cara Maurice: "To think that you're working out there by yourself and something like this can happen, so tragic, so close to home."