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NCAA track championship

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Laura Roesler enters her final NCAA Track Championships with all the pressure on her shoulders.

She holds the fastest time in the country.

This year in the 800 meters, expected to win the title...

She ran her first race Wednesday in the prelims, just needed to be in the top two to advance.

Roesler started in lane four and as usual lagged behind for the first lap of the race, but midway through the second lap she turned it on, passing Claudia Saunders in the 3rd turn and didn't look back taking the heat in a time of 2:02.60.

Laura Roesler- Ran 2:02.60 in 800 Meters: “I knew it was going to go fast have a couple people in that heat take it out and make it a honest race so I was prepared for that, prepare not to panic and not worry about the first lap and things will work themselves out not die of a fast pace, just had to be patient."

Roesler will go for the title on Friday. NDSU's Paige Stratioti finished 19th.