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NCAA recommends schools have no more than two contact practices per week during season

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - The game of football has tried to become safer in recent years in the light of more studies being done connected to concussions. 


NCAA is doing its part; on Monday they recommended that schools have no more than two contact practices per week during the season and on top of that a limit of eight contact practices out of the 15 that are allowed during spring football.

Many teams have started to pare down the amount of hitting that happens in practice, but some say this will affect how you map out your entire season.

Steve Laqua/MSUM 4th Year Head Coach: “Every year you plan spring ball out. Fall ball you have to pull out the rule book. Sort out what can we do when can we practice, when can't we. It's made it more difficult. In the end there is a lot more emphasis on the mental part of the game with walk throughs. You can't necessarily just line up and pound each other in the face. You have to line up, pass the ball around. I think you've maybe seen that in college, the shift. That's a shift that will probably continue.”

Laqua told me the Dragons normally practice twice a week in pads, but he was concerned about on what will happen on the days without pads.