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MSUM hosts college for kids

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - Thanks to some financial aid, a record number of F-M area students are getting an early taste of college courses.

This week and next, MSUM is hosting kids ages 6 to 18 for a variety of classes.

This year, the summer day camp program accepted more than 600 enrollments.

The experience introduces students to a campus environment and can expose them to future career options, and volunteers say scholarships give this enthusiastic age group the opportunity to try new things.

Juan Cabanela- MSUM Physics & Astronomy Professor: “They go into it with gusto, most of them. And you know, in a few years, unfortunately, they become teenagers and much harder to influence.”

Registration is still open for some of next week's classes.

You can find more information on MSUM's website.