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Missouri governor dispatches National Guard to Ferguson as clashes continue

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Missouri governor dispatches National Guard to Ferguson as clashes continue
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Ferguson, MO (CNN) - National Guard troops are heading to Ferguson, Missouri. The state's governor deployed them after a week of protests over the shooting of an unarmed 18 year-old.

Expect the police presence to only increase in the hours to come, as the Missouri National Guard now expected here on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, after what was perhaps the most intense clashes between police & protesters.

Sunday night saw some of the fiercest clashes yet between police and protesters furious over the death of Michael Brown. Now, Governor Jay Nixon has called up the Missouri National Guard to help restore order in the St. Louis suburb.

This all comes hours after a family attorney said autopsy they arranged found that Brown was shot 6 times - twice in the head - though not from close range. Two civilians were shot Sunday - not by police though. Authorities add that defiant demonstrators shot at and threw homemade bombs at officers, prompting police to move in.

Captain Ron Johnson - Missouri State Highway Patrol: "Based on these conditions, I had no alternative but to elevate our response."

Through the night, police had reports of looting and vandalism, but the key moment was when the crowd marched towards the police command center, according to the highway patrol.

The protests intensified Friday after police identified the shooter as Officer Darren Wilson and released surveillance video reportedly showing Brown roughing up a store-owner, and stealing cigars. At a Sunday rally, the supporters again called for justice.

Benjamin Crump - Brown Family Attorney:  "And they loved their child, they had every right for their child to have due process of the law."

Today was schedule to be the first day of school here in Ferguson. However, officials have actually postponed that first day, their main concern is they don't want to expose any of the students to any of the potential violence on the streets while they head to school, or to their bus stops. 

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