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Missing Dog Travels Nearly 100 Miles

Nancy Saunders of Eagan greets the family dog, Murray, after he went missing for two weeks.2 / 2

Glyndon, Minn. (WDAY TV) -- A dog is back home safe with his family in Eagan, Minnesota tonight, after traveling 100 miles from where he went missing.

6-year-old Murray took off at an Alexandria gas station August 3rd, and was found the next day near Downer.

Murray's owners, the Saunders family had been camping that weekend at Buffalo River State Park.

They'd been trying to track him down ever since, but never imagined he'd turn up so far from where he went missing.

Neal Hines of Glyndon wasn't really planning on adding another pet to the family.

His parents found this dog wandering around near their home in Downer.

Hines: "His pads on his paws were a little bit torn up, he was a little dehydrated."

They put an ad in the paper.

In the meantime Neal, his wife Bethany and their three kids took him in.

They gave him a name - Otto - and he became fast friends with their other pets.

Neal: "He kind of fit with the family so well we were actually considering just hanging on to him."

But as the days turned into weeks, he kept checking the "lost dog" ads on Craigslist.


Neal: "There he was. I saw his picture. I knew immediately."

"Otto" - whose name is actually Murray - is from Eagan, Minnesota.

His family, the Saunders', had gone camping that weekend at Buffalo River State Park.

On the way back, they stopped for gas in Alexandria - and Murray bolted.

They searched for hours.

Nancy Saunders: "It was just awful driving away from Alexandria knowing Murray was somewhere."

They posted his photo on Facebook and put up flyers in Alexandria, but never dreamed he'd turn up 100 miles away.

Nancy: "He went back to the campground, apparently. Or, was trying to get back to the campground."

Neal says while they're happy they could help him find a way home, the family had grown attached to Murray, and it was tough to say goodbye.

Neal: "When you're trying to raise children to have character and compassion, you sometimes have to do things that are right, even though they don't feel good."

Murray is a rescue dog.

His family says he is a mix of German Shepherd, Labrador, Great Dane, and Husky.

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