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Man posing as 'Twilight' actor attempts to abduct Iowa teen

A man in a small Iowa town attempted to abduct a teenager by posing as an actor from the movie 'Twilight.'2 / 2

Baxter, IA (CNN) - Police say a young girl was lured into a man's vehicle, duped into thinking the man was an actor from the movie "Twilight.” Now, that man is facing charges and the girl's mother is sharing the family's story to keep other teens safe online.

April Roush thought this was the day her daughter would die.

April Roush – Mother of Victim: "I don't think I would have ever seen my daughter again. And if so it would be to bury her."

Police say Roush's 14-year old daughter, who lives here in Baxter, was lured into a car by a suspect police are refusing to name.  We're not releasing the girl's name because of her age, but her mother says the suspect told her daughter he starred in the movie "Twilight", and started communicating with her through social media. Today, police say, he came to Baxter to pick the teen up at her home.

April Roush: "My daughter still believes that he's a movie star and doesn't understand what all this fuss is about."

Chief Steve Wright - Baxter Police Department: "This gentleman had met her previously in Newton and has talked to her. He got on Facebook with her. They were communicating on Facebook, and through that Facebook he came up here to Baxter to meet with her. This isn't somebody that just wants to be friends and typically this is the kind of person that meets a profile of somebody that can be a predator and can be dangerous."

The alleged victim's family says the suspect came to their home to pick up the teen and even posed for photos with the teen's sister. The teen's sister told her mother, who called police and several friends.  One of those friends spotted the suspect's car.

April Roush: "My girlfriend seen them coming off a gravel road pointing back into town.  Blocked them off.  Jumped out, stopped the vehicle with her own body, and told my daughter to get out of the car.  Made her get in her vehicle."

The suspect took off, but police eventually caught up with him. The victim's family tells us, they're surprised. They say they never thought the 14-year old would fall for a ruse like this."

Trena McKenzie – Grandmother: "She said she didn't know what to do. She was looking around and everything and, why would you get in the car?  You know, he got her in there so you can do that to a 14-year old. You can do that to young kids."

Chief Steve Wright: "This individual messed with your head.  That's what grown men do to seek out little girls.  And at 14 years old I thought my daughter knew better but that just goes to show we still have a lot to teach them at 14."

The alleged victim's mother says she learned a lot too.

April Roush: "Instagram, Facebook, there's a reason there's an age limit on these things and I think all of us parents need to enforce that.  And not go, oh well my daughter's so good I can trust her.  Well so was my daughter and look what happened."