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Man killed, daughter injured by Florida beach plane crash

A 1972 Piper Cherokee crashed onto a Florida beach, killed a man and leaving his daughter critically injured. 2 / 2

Venice Beach, FL (CNN) - A family beach outing takes a tragic turn in Florida. A father was killed and his daughter is left fighting for her life, when they were hit as a plane made an emergency landing at the edge of the water.

Zack Arceneaux – Witness: "She had what seemed to be friends, even if they didn't know her, they were there comforting her."

A mother, distraught, after her husband and nine year old daughter are hit by a small plane while walking along a beach in Venice, Florida.

Zack Arceneaux: "The dad looked to be in very bad condition, they were performing CPR on him, he had blood on his face."

The pilot of the plane was forced to make an emergency landing after sending a distress signal to authorities.

Zack Arceneaux: "Definitely not something you expect just going on the beach, having some fun with your family. It's just terrible to have something happen like that."

The man struck on the beach, identified by authorities as 36 year-old Ommy Irizarry, was killed at the scene. His 9 year-old daughter, Oceana, was airlifted to a local children's hospital and said to be in critical condition. Both the pilot and a passenger in the plane were uninjured in the crash.

Zack Arceneaux: "That's gotta be devastating. My prayers are definitely with them at this time."

Video from the scene shows the 1972 Piper Cherokee on the sand just feet away from the ocean with its nose pointed down. Its front landing gear, destroyed.

According to local reports, preliminary evidence suggests that the plane may have lost power, but authorities are still looking into what caused the fatal crash.

Wendy Rose - Sarasota County Sheriff's Office: "We don't know exactly what caused the crash but the NTSB is enroute to Venice and will investigate fully."