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Lisbon remembers one of their own who died in plane crash Thursday night

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Lisbon, ND (WDAY TV) - The community of Lisbon, North Dakota is shocked after one of their own died in a plane crash Thursday night, four miles northwest of town.


Authorities have identified him as 64-year-old Larry Ketterling of Lisbon.

Police say the plane hit ground about a quarter of a mile down this beaten path, where that pickup truck is, they say the plane suffered extensive damage to the front and underside.

Cpt. Bryan Niewind/ND State Patrol: "There was a big fire, you could actually see the smoke for miles around, and there was a large fire that consumed, basically, the airplane out here."

Troy Jorgenson lives less than a mile from the crash site, he saw smoke and walked to the corner with his mother to try to see what happened.

Troy Jorgenson/Lisbon, ND: "I was thinking it was somebody just burning wood and threw a tire on it or something."

It's a tragedy that's hitting the community hard.

Scott Schell/Lisbon, ND: "To realize that he won't be coming back is going to be hard."

Scott Schell has been one of Larry Ketterling's closest friends for 15 years; they were part of a group of 10 guys who met at a local gas station every morning for coffee.

He says within hours of the plane going down, almost everyone in Lisbon was mourning the loss of a kind man who would do anything for anybody.

Schell: "We'll remember all the great things and the wonderful things that he did for's hard to realize that he can't do it anymore.”

Schell says the man was an avid flyer who would sing at weddings and funerals.

He leaves behind a wife and six children.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the cause of the crash.