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Iowa graduating class boasts triplets, 7 sets of twins

The graduating class at Davenport West High has 7 sets of twins and a set of triplets. 2 / 2

Davenport, IA (CNN) - An Iowa high school has a rare claim to fame - multiple multiples are graduating this May.

When you flip through the yearbook of Davenport West High School, you might start seeing double - or even triple. There's Brandon and Brittany, Kelsey and Kylie. The Gaylords and the Geikens. This senior class has not one, not two, but eight sets of multiples.

Alexis Lotspeich: "It's funny because a lot of us are friends. It's like we gravitate towards each other."

Alexis and Anthony were both born January 22nd, 1996, but that's where the similarities end.

Alexis Lotspeich: "We're very different.”

Anthony Lotspeich: “Exact Opposites. Yeah."

Anthony is involved in automobiles and athletics; Alexis in the arts and academics.

Alexis Lotspeich:” I have a 4.0. I have an accumulated 4.0 as well.”

Anthony Lotspeich: “I have no clue what mine is. I just know I'm passing.”

Dawn & Melanie Vickers – Twins: "July 8th"

On the opposite end are the identicals.

Dawn Vickers: “We're used to being called 'The Twins.'”

Reporter: “And you don't mind that?”

Together: “No!”

Dawn and Melanie do pretty much everything together, from singing duets to sharing the stage.

Melanie Vickers: “But I think we're more on the side of being best friends. We don't argue.”

Brittany Geiken: "We actually kind of fought a lot."

The triple threat belongs to the triplets, though -- Courtney, Brittany and Derek.

Derek Geiken: "Most people don't even know we're triplets."

Brittany Geiken: "In a way, I think it would be cool if we looked alike, but I'm glad we don't because I don't want to be mistaken all the time."

They look different, but all three are going to Iowa State to major in engineering.

Dawn Vickers: "We're constantly around each other."

These two are both going to UNI to become teachers. As for Alexis and Anthony, one is going away to school and one is staying home.

Alexis Lotspeich: "I'm going to miss him."

Anthony Lotspeich: "Eh."

1 set of triplets, 7 sets of twins. 17 students who share something else in common.

Stephanie Eckhardt - Senior Class Adviser: "They've just all been successful in their own ways cheerleading, dance - you name it, that group has done it and they've all done it really well."

All together at once, a snapshot of a unique class that's like each other, but unlike any other.