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Ice Bucket Challenge Not Without Controversy

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV)-It's hard to miss the Ice Bucket Challenge overtaking social media, and many people are excited about it.

But some are saying it's a waste of resources and that many taking the challenge are missing the real point of it.

Close to 60 members of M State faculty, staff, and administration cool off with the help of heavy machinery...all while raising more than $1000 to fight Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Because of the viral sensation, the ALS Association has raised $31.5 million in the last three weeks...compared to $2 million during the same period last year.

Jennifer Hjelle/ALS Association - MN, SD, ND Chapter: "The majority of these donors coming in the door are new to us and that's really exciting, because we're able to spread our message to more and more people that may or may not have a connection to ALS."

Logging into Facebook, it's easy to get the feeling that everyone has done this but not everyone has donated, and that, according to some, is wrong.

Sam Larson-Frobig/Fargo: "I think that some of the magic of the challenge where people are actually supposed to do the money, has been lost, especially on everybody who's doing it on Facebook."

A quick look at the ALS Associations Facebook page shows the real controversy...with the drought in California, many are asking people to stop wasting precious water and find another way to fundraise.

By one estimation, about 6 million gallons have been poured out since the challenge began.

But others still praise it as a tool for raising awareness.

Merle Anderson/Fargo: "It's a goofy way of getting attention and maybe it's their fifteen minutes of fame but still, I think it draws favorable attention to the cause."

Sara Whitney/M State Faculty: "It may be silly, but it's doing it's purpose, and that's raising awareness and money."

M State says they are nominating MSUM to participate in the challenge next.