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Grand Forks Businesses See Economic Boost as UND Begins Classes Monday

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) - Classes at the University of North Dakota start Monday, meaning thousands of students have converged on the campus.

But it's not just books and dorm supplies that these students bring with them; they also supply plenty of business for local restaurants.

It's Sunday morning and the business is already flowing. The dulls of summer are gone.

Joe Haen/Red Pepper Shift Manager: “oh yeah. Yesterday afternoon I know we were definitely busy.”

The Red Pepper is just one of many businesses seeing more customers as around 2,000 new freshman arrive at the University of North Dakota.

Joe: “Just means more business for us. especially this weekend they'll bring their families and relatives to help move in. But yeah, essentially just means for business and the start of the busier season.”

Thousands moving into around 15 residence halls and apartments. In total, roughly 15,000 students will enroll at UND. More customers meaning more staff needed for businesses.

Joe: “If there's a hockey game going on on the weekend we'll have at least 4 maybe 5. Yeah football game same thing. But yup we definitely bump up our staff, so it definitely comes into play.”

Along with getting to know the campus, the university also wants new students to get connected with the surrounding community.

Lori Reesor/UND VP for Student Affairs: “Certainly want to partner with the community and make sure that students know that this is their new home. And while their home may be at the university of north dakota, grand forks is their home too.

Resulting in busier days and nights for local businesses. More profits to be gained.

Joe: “We would probably see I don't know a couple grand, three grand. Now it might be double that. So definitely.”

Classes at the University of North Dakota start up at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.