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Fosston woman in critical condition after fire tears through her home on Fourth of July

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Fosston, MN (WDAY TV) - A Fosston, Minnesota woman is in critical condition Saturday night after a fire tore through her home on the 4th of July.


“About quarter to three, we heard a boom and thought maybe it was thunder but the skies were blue,” says Gloria Winkler, a neighbor of the fire victim.

“There was thick black smoke coming out from this particular trailer,” says Charles Agnes who lives in Fosston.

A fourth of July fire that ended in the devastation of this trailer house.

Yesterday, the Fosston Fire Department and Polk County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to 809 Northwood Avenue in response to numerous 911 calls on a fire plaguing a home in a trailer court.

Neighbors say they heard they boom of an explosion around 3 pm yesterday. When outside, the trailer was up in flames, it was gone within half an hour.

“The flames had just engulfed the trailer house. There was a strong east wind and it just took the whole thing, you could see through the walls of the trailer house,” Winkler says.

By the time firefighters arrived on scene, flames ravaged the house to the point beyond salvage.

Nearby residents feared the billowing fire would spread.

“There was debris from the trailer house and we were really concerned about maybe our house catching on fire and if that would have been the case we would have to have left at that time, but we couldn't because they smoke was so bad we couldn't get to a vehicle,” Winkler says.

“They were pouring a lot of water on the south side of the trailer and this kind of bothered because we could see fire in the other part and we started thinking maybe someone was inside the trailer,” Agnes says.

28 year-old Alison Reierson was injured from the fire. Authorities say she transported herself to Essentia Hospital in Fosston. According to the woman's stepfather, Matt Agnes, from there she was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center where she is being treated for second and third degree burns. She remains in critical condition.

The Minnesota State Fire Marshall is assisting with the investigation in to the cause of the fire.