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Former UND Student Share His Perspective Of Living In War Torn Israel

The Israel-Gaza conflict remains center stage in the eyes of the nation and world. On Thursday, violence intensified with Israel launching a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip. A former University of North Dakota student and current Israeli resident is sharing what life is like inside conflict.

Air strikes are sound and sight that has now become a part of everyday life

Former University of North Dakota student, Jayson Danto, says, "Everyone's daily life is still moving on. Still going to work every single day, I work in Tel Aviv, but you still have to be aware of your surroundings."

He adds that the latest Israel-Gaza conflict intensifying. On July 8th, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge after mounting rocket fire by Palestinian militants.

Danto says, "The general vibe of everyone that's going around here. We want peace but peace sometimes has to have force like this."

Over 60, 000reservists have been called up by Israel.

Danto says, "People leave their jobs instantly when they get the phone call and protect their country."

That call was answered by Danto's home.

Danto says, "My wife was called up about 5 days ago. She's there right now. She’s one of the smartest and most bravest women I've ever met in my life."

Since July 8th, there have been reports of more than 260 Palestinians having been killed. During the same time frame, Palestinian militants have fired around 1200 rockets at Israel.

Danto says, "Yesterday at work. Worked till 11 at night last night and we had 5 air raid sirens. But the government and populous are very aware of our surroundings when rockets are coming. For example, we have an actual app that tells us when we have a rocket attack that is coming into our area"

It’s a new reality of life that his family will for now separated, however Danto remains optimistic for the future.

Danto says, "You just hope for the best. Because Israel will come to the table for a cease fire. Then it will be on Hamas's side. But if they do not agree upon then it will go to the next step."

The Israeli army says of the nearly 1200rockets that have been launched, over 300 hundred have been successfully intercepted.

Amy Unrau

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