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Flood diversion outreach

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The F-M Diversion Project continues to inch forward.

And with the White House's go-ahead... the Diversion Authority must now address the concerns of those affected.

Cemeteries in the path of diverted water are one such grievance.

The Authority's Outreach Committee is currently surveying at-risk areas and talking about options to mitigate cemetery flooding.

The committee says negotiating with worried residents will help offset a much bigger problem.

Ken Pawluk- Flood Diversion Outreach Committee: “We know what the impacts are when we do this project, and we're working to mitigate them. The unknown impacts occur when we have unregulated flooding that devastates this community year after year.”

The Diversion Authority also plans to observe how other flood-prone areas deal with at-risk cemeteries.