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Wahpeton Middle-Schoolers leave after their first day of school, August 20th.
Wahpeton Middle-Schoolers leave after their first day of school, August 20th.

First Day of School in Wahpeton

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Wahpeton, N.D. (WDAY TV) -- The first day of school is just around the corner for many students.

But kids in Wahpeton have already rounded that corner - and middle school students there are happy to share their first-day wisdom with their peers.


School in Fargo doesn't start until August 27th, and Moorhead begins after Labor Day.

But parents and kids should start preparing now, if they aren't already.

Elly Lahaise/6th-Grader: "It was scary at first."

Going through the double-doors on the first day of school can bring a lot of emotions - nerves, excitement, even fear.

Lahaise: "Just thinking you're going to get locked out of your locker or something."

But planning ahead can help ease the stress of going back to class.

Emily DeVries/7th-Grader: "Shopping, of course.

Jaylyn Romereim/7th-Grader: "Yep, school shopping."

These students say they did their shopping early - store shelves get sparse the closer it gets.

Involving kids in the shopping process helps get them excited to go back.

And about those early mornings - 

Sandra Martinson/6th-Grader: "I usually stay up until ten, so I'm really trying to get my schedule back."

Medical experts suggest parents start adjusting bedtime and wake-up times early to avoid an abrupt change once school starts.

Lahaise: "It was hard, but I got up!"

The day before, get organized - laying out everything needed for the first day will make the morning go smoothly.

Wauker Spaneo/7th-Grader: "Listen to the teachers, pay attention, show up on time."

Still, no matter how much you prepare, there are some things that just aren't the same.

Martinson: "My mom is a better cook."

And these students say above all - have fun and make new friends.

Romereim: "Seeing our friends."

DeVries: "I like coming back, and the first few days are exciting."

Parents should also schedule an annual checkup and make sure all immunizations are up-to-date before kids go back to school.