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Ferguson unrest continues, 31 arrested overnight

The unrest in Ferguson continued Monday night. Authorities say two people were shot overnight, though not by police, and another 31 were arrested. 2 / 2

Ferguson, MO (CNN) - Another night of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, ten days after police shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Police blame a small group of rowdy demonstrators for turning a peaceful protest into chaos.

The pattern in Ferguson is peaceful by day - but as soon as the sun goes down, it takes a turn for the worse. Police tried something new here overnight: They lifted the curfew. But it led to another chaotic night here in the streets of Ferguson.

Captain Ron Johnson - Missouri State Highway Patrol: "And I am telling you, we're gonna make this neighborhood whole, and we are going to do it together."

An emotional Captain Ron Johnson says the peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri are being hijacked by a small group of what he calls violent agitators. His comments come after a peaceful night of protests ended with violent clashes.

Authorities say two people were shot overnight, though not by police, and another 31 were arrested. A few people threw Molotov cocktails, bottles, and rocks at authorities trying to provoke them.

Captain Ron Johnson: "I am not going to let the criminals who have come out here from across this country, or live in this community to define this neighborhood and define what we're going to do to make it right."

Making it right for many protesters means arresting Darren Wilson, the officer that police say shot and killed Michael Brown.

Malik Shabazz – Attorney: "We want the officer Darren Wilson arrested, we're here for Mike Brown, and we're not gonna let outside infiltrators come in and destroy our good movement, they tried it every night, and I'm determined with the forces that we're working with, that we will not allow it."

The situation remains so unstable that classes have been canceled for the rest of the week, and the Missouri National Guard is on the scene. Also coming at a key time for the community, Attorney General Eric Holder will visit Ferguson tomorrow. He'll meet with community leaders, but also FBI and DOJ personnel conducting the federal criminal investigation. 

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