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Fargo's Liberian Community Fighting Ebola Back Home

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Wynn Brown was just 5 years old when she left Liberia.

But she's far from forgetting her African roots.

Wynn Brown/ Liberian-American: "You can not be selfish as far as... say, 'oh, I don't care because I'm not there... I don't have to deal with it.' But remember that you still have your family and friends back there."


Almost one-third of all Ebola deaths in the past 40 years have occurred since March of this year.

Liberia is right in the midst of the virus's clutches.

And horror stories from the country are getting back to family in the U-S.

Brown: "The entire family died from it... only the baby is living."

Tita Smith/ Liberian-American: "There are bodies everywhere, people are dying everywhere and they are afraid."

Clementia Kobbah/ Liberian-American: "Everything is just worse right now."

Many Liberian-Americans came to the U.S. to escape civil war.

As the country is rebuilding, the Ebola outbreak is making it a difficult transition.

Smith: "We're trying to get back on our feet and... you know, this thing that came is destroying everything we're trying to build back. So we're just trying to help."

The group is asking for support and donations from the community.

And you can even pledge a few bucks online at

Brown: "Help us get this because we can't do it by ourselves."

In addition to their fundraising, the group is looking for simple medical and sanitary supplies, like surgical masks and latex gloves.

Brown: "I'm not saying we're going to get rid of it all at once, but at least it's going to help."

Kobbah: "This is not just Africa's problem. This is a global problem.

The Liberian community is also planning a march from the Fargo City Hall on Wednesday morning.