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Fargo Police correct their mistake of accusing LakeMode Liquors of selling alcohol to a minor

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A local liquor store fought back,  and won,after being accused of selling alcohol to minors.

In Fargo, Police issue random alcohol compliance test to limit youth access to alcohol and failing one of these can have serious consequences.


Jodi Arneson/ LakeMode Liquor, Owner: "I would have received a fine as well as you could lose your liquor license."

On June 30th Fargo Police accused seven businesses of failing an alcohol compliance test. Among those was LakeMode Liquors.

Arneson: "I was like no way that's not possible, so I did a little more investigation after that."

At LakeMode they require a valid I.D. to be scanned before any purchase of alcohol. If the person is a minor or if their I.D. Is invalid the system won't allow the transaction to happen. This is what prompted Arneson to look at the security footage and speak to the employee working the till that day. And what she saw was the police officer intervened before any sale of alcohol had occurred.

Arneson: "What I saw was he kind of jumped the gun."

After seeing the video,  police corrected their mistake and posted this release at the store stating LakeMode DID NOT fail the test.

Arneson: "I just really appreciate that he (the officer) took the time and did what he did to try and correct the problem. Everybody makes mistakes so, we can move on from this."

Move on, just in time for another busy weekend.

In Fargo, if an establishment fails 7 alcohol compliance checks within a year its license is revoked.