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Fargo Parking Commission narrows down architect search for Downtown Ramp


Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The Fargo Parking Commission has narrowed the list of architectural  firms for the downtown parking ramp from 8 to 4.


The 4 firms are Helenske Design Group, Mutchler Bartram Architects, EAPC, and JLG.

One of the challenges is finding a firm capable of working in a busy area with little room for equipment.

But what the commission hopes is to find a firm who can relay their idea of a multi-use ramp into the downtown area.

Jim Gilmour/ Parking Commission Planning Director: “We're hoping that the next ramp will incorporate some other uses so that you won't just see cars parked along the first level. Possibly there'd be some retail in there. That there might be some housing immediately attached to the building or an office building immediately attached.”

The next step in the process is setting up interviews with the 4 firms and bringing a recommendation to the city commission to select an architect.

The estimated cost of the project is between $5 and $8 million.