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Fargo murder victim's family needs help bringing body home to Tennessee

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news Fargo, 58103

Fargo ND 301 8th St. S. 58103

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The family of a Fargo murder victim is fighting to bring his body home.

Randall Doehner died last week after being gunned down in his Fargo duplex.


His cousin, Christopher Hampton, is now charged in his murder.

Randall Doehner was living in this Fargo duplex with his fiancée and cousin. But after his murder, those close to him need help bringing his body back to Tennessee.

Andy Rumbaugh/Murder Victim's Brother: "This is where he's from. This is his roots. It's painful but we're trying to get him home where he belongs, with his family."

Doehner's brother Andy Rumbaugh is behind the fundraising efforts online- at

He says they need to pay $2,5000 to bring his brother back, plus another $5,000 for the funeral.

Rumbaugh: "If I could describe one word about Randall, it would be family."

So when Rumbaugh found out it was a family member, now charged in Doehner's death...

Rumbaugh: "I'm still in shock. It really hasn't hit me because I still don't believe it."

He says the suspect, 24-year-old Christopher Hampton, is their cousin and lived with them growing up.

Rumbaugh: "We all loved each other, we were there through thick and thin. He just snapped I guess."

Now he's hoping people will find it in their hearts to donate...

Rumbaugh: "He never thought about himself, he always thought about helping the next person. He loved his kids he loved everybody around him, his family. He'd walk into a room and he'd brighten the room."

So the rest of Doehner's family can properly say goodbye.

The family has so far raised nearly $1,700 so far.

To donate, you can visit