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Fargo Mom Returns Wallet With $1000 Inside

Sadie Hill and her 7-year-old daughter Adalee returned a wallet with $1000 cash inside.2 / 2

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -- A single mom hoped to set example for her 7-year-old daughter when she returned a wallet the two found while running errands.

The owner of that wallet contacted WDAY earlier this week to share their act of kindness, also hoping we could help him find them so he could thank them again.

Tuesday we aired a story with J. Pat Wigginton of Fargo, who wanted to get in touch with the woman and her daughter who returned his wallet, but didn't know their names.

After the story aired, she e-mailed the station.

Adalee: "Somebody dropped their wallet and we found it, so we took it back."

Sadie Hill says it's a million-dollar lesson for her 7-year-old daughter Adalee. 

The two were out running errands Monday, when they saw a wallet lying in the parking lot outside Verizon.

Hill: "We looked in it to try to find a license. Noticed there was an incredible amount of cash in there."

It's not that they couldn't have used the money.

Hill: "The only option was to return it. But, I called my mom and I said you know, God is really testing me today." 

A single mom, Hill works two jobs to make ends meet.

Hill: "It's very hard, extremely hard."

But the two got back in the car - without even going into the Verizon store - and drove to the address on the driver's license.

J. Pat Wigginton hadn't even realized his wallet was missing.

Wigginton: "I thanked them, and thanked them again, I had a $20 bill on me, which I gave to them and they just kind of left. "

Afterward, he wished he'd have done more, but didn't know their names.

So, he reached out to WDAY to try to see if he could get in touch.

We were able to connect them, and Wigginton tells us he mailed a thank-you-note and $200 gift card for Adalee's back-to-school shopping.

Hill: "He didn't have to, he certainly didn't. Thanking me on the news was enough! I'm overappreciative of that."

Adalee will be going into the first grade in just a few weeks, so her mom says the gift will certainly be put to good use.

Becky Parker

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