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Fargo Church Offers Loads of Help

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The choice between doing laundry and putting food on the table can be a weekly dilemma for some families struggling to make ends meet.


Pastor Steve Burrell/ Metropolitan Baptist Church: Laundry is one of those things that people need to have done. You know, you don't want to go shopping, you don't want to go out, you don't want to send the kids to school with dirty clothes and things like that.

But for some people... scrounging up quarters to wash clothing can be a difficult task.

Pastor Burrell: There's many single moms, low income families in the area here, and just single people who... they're trying to make ends meet, especially with the economy the way it is.

It may not be your typical church charity event... but Metropolitan Baptist Church says paying for things like laundry can help offset some essential costs for struggling families.

Pastor Burrell: So we thought it was actually a pretty practical way to do something in serving people and saving them some money in the community... and just letting them know that we care about some of those practical little things.

George Kamra/ Fargo: All people don't have the money. You know, sometimes you worry about the extra 20 dollars I have to use to do laundry. You know, it's a new work week coming up during the week so it's a big surprise. It's a big boost, you know. They help you save 20 dollars so you can fill your tank up and, you know, be able to go to work the following week.

And for some families really pinching their pennies... a few quarters can be loads of help.

Pastor Burrell: It gives them more money to use for other things like food and other important things they really need.

Metropolitan Baptist Church held the event as part of its annual summer charity.

But it hopes to make it a regular service for the community.