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Family asks for help after months of misfortune

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A local family of five needs help getting back on its feet after months of misfortune.


Sarah Percy, her husband and their three young boys are all staying at Churches United in Moorhead, but are turning to social media and the surrounding community for answers.

The last three months have been a whirlwind of emotion for Sarah Percy, her husband Michael and their three boys

Sarah Percy/Trying To Find Home, Money: "I have to try for my kids, to do anything I can right now."

Michael was hospitalized after a serious assault, Sarah lost her job and the family's money was no longer coming in.

Percy: "When that all happened, I couldn't afford June rent."

The Percy family got evicted in early July and spent the next month trying to get into Churches United Homeless Shelter, where they've been staying the last week.

Percy: "There and the YWCA, I’ve been calling every single day, even multiple times."

The shelters were all full, so Sarah took to Facebook, hoping one of the site's freecycle/recycle groups could connect her with someone willing to help.

Percy: "It's kind of embarrassing for me. So it was hard for me to reach out."

Since then they have received several donations...

Percy: "One person just donated $20 and that even, that's over a quarter tank of gas or some of the kids' school supplies."

And are thankful to be in such a giving community, where each little piece of generosity brings another day of hope.

To help out, you can drop off donations or items at Churches United in Moorhead for the Percy family.