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Families displaced after fire

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A fire early this morning at an apartment building in North Fargo has left two families without a place to stay.

It's a day of clean-up, questions, and sifting through what's left of the two condos behind me severely damaged by fire this morning.

At around 5:30 the Fargo fire department responded to a call at this condo complex.

Judy Joeb/ Home Damaged by Fire: "I heard the sound of pipes banging you know like in the winter time when the heating comes on."

The fire started in the bathroom ceiling of the condo on the first floor.  It then moved up the walls and into Judy Joeb's condo on the second floor directly above it.

Joeb: "The whole place was just full of this just really thick black smoke."

Both the first and second floor condos have severe damage and are unlivable at the moment.

The families are just salvaging what's left of their belongings.

Joeb: "Gonna dig through stuff and pick out the priority stuff."

Luckily, one item of Judy's is undamaged. Part of the veil to her wedding dress was taken out of the home early this week for her granddaughter to wear when she walks down the aisle this weekend.

Joeb: "Fortunately, I had gotten it to her a couple days ago so that's safe."

Residents of the other condos within the complex are back inside, but fire crews and the complex manager are still monitoring the building.

Craig Nelson/Fargo Fire: "Because there are people living in the building and we want to make sure that if it were to rekindle we catch it right away and put it right out."

The estimated damage to the building is around $225,000, but even with all the damage, residents are still optimistic.

Joeb: "We'll bounce back. We always do."

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army have stepped in to help the two families.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.