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Eyeless cat from around the world reunited with family

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Midwest City, OK (CNN) - A cat born without eyes in the Middle East is safe at home in Oklahoma after taking an unexpected adventure.


"Omni" was born without eyes in the country of Bahrain. Her owner, Midwest City resident Brian Clines, rescued her while stationed overseas in the Navy. He recently let a friend watch her, and somehow she got out. Omni was picked up by Midwest City Animal Welfare, who immediately started searching for her family.

Adrian Sanders – Midwest City Animal Shelter: "It's actually pretty incredible to watch her. She, you know, she's very aware of her surroundings. She had no problem finding her food, water, litter all that stuff. She does fine."

Never expecting to see her again, Brian’s mother in Florida got the amazing call - all thanks to Omni’s microchip.

Elizabeth Thomas – Omni’s Caretaker: "Through the chip, that they were able to contact my father in California, who contacted me in Florida, and I was able to get in touch with the person who has the cat now."

Brian works and goes to school full time, so for now, Omni will stay with his mom until he has more time.

Elizabeth Thomas:  "Yes, he's very relieved that the cat has been found and she's safe and that she's coming to me, a home where he knows she's going to be loved and she's going to be very well taken care of and he can visit her still too."

The cat from around the world might have used up a few of her nine lives, but for now, she's safe.