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Election sign vandalized

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Cass County attorney is questioning whether this string of vandalism is connected to one of his election signs getting defaced.

The sign is for assistant state's attorney Tristan Van de Streek -- who's running against Susan Bailey.

Van de Streek says the vandalism happened sometime between 4pm Saturday and 2pm today. The same time frame the courthouse was vandalism.

Someone sprayed "rickenberg" on the sign.

Van de Streek says he doesn't know who Rickenberg is -- however -- he is concerned over all the crime surrounding his work in such a short time frame.

Tristan Van De Streek/District Judge Candidate: “A lot of people get angry with us.  We prosecute robbers, rapists, murderers and all sorts of people that might get offended so hopefully it's not related but you never know.”

Van de Streek repainted the sign this afternoon.