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Diversion model preview

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - In just two days, a WDAY crew will be making the trek to Rosemount, Minnesota,   for an up-close look at a model of part of the diversion project.

On Thursday, the Army Corps of Engineers is holding a public open house to unveil the Maple River Aqueduct.

Who will travel four hours to see it?

When we talk about the diversion, right now, there's nothing to really see, or show, here in Fargo, but in Rosemount, we'll get our first look at a smaller scale model of part of the $1.8 billion project.

One state and 260 miles away...

Marla Segal/Lives In Fargo: "Life is too busy to drive four hours. That's a long way."

You can find the only to-scale model of the F-M Diversion Project.

The Army Corps of Engineers is inviting the public to see it in action, but people here say they wouldn't bother making the trip.

Dan Haglund/Works In Fargo: "It doesn't make much sense to me."

Segal: "Not likely."

Haglund: "Obviously it's a long way to go. We could maybe see it on video."

The model alone costs $2.6 million.

Haglund: "That does seem kind of high to me."

And it shows just a piece of the project- the Maple River Aqueduct, near West Fargo,

designed to test how the real diversion would work.

Segal: "It should be more accessible to the rest of the state and those who are affected by it."

This is what it could ultimately look like but first must go through a vetting process.

And while people in town say they think the model itself is a good idea...

Haglund: "The people that live here and have been through floods, it'd be really nice to see exactly what they're doing with it."

Not putting closer to home is not.

Haglund: "Since it's happening here, I think that makes the most sense."

We will be making the trip to Rosemount on Thursday, so be sure to catch our live story then.

One person who also said he will be making the trip- Mayor Dennis Walaker. 

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