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Detroit Lakes is gearing up for its busiest season of the year, thanks to the Minnesota fishing season opener

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Detroit Lakes is gearing up for its busiest season of the year, thanks to the Minnesota fishing season opener
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Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - With temperatures on the rise, Detroit Lakes is gearing up for its busiest season of the year, starting with Minnesota's fishing season opener... which is just days away.

And this one is getting off to quite a different start than last year.

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time there was still ice on the lakes, keeping local fisherman away and local shops struggling for business. This year, not the case

Fisherman are already flocking into Detroit Lakes storefronts, showing signs that the start of this fishing season won't be as dismal as the last.

Detroit Lakes Angler Jake Judd says there's definitely more excitement in the air for the May 10th northern pike, sauger and walleye opener.

Jake Judd/Detroit Lakes Fisherman: "I've always said growing up I think we have two unofficial holidays, it's the deer hunting opener and it's the Minnesota fishing opener."

With rain potentially in the forecast for the latter, He doesn't see a few drops getting in the way of a big turn out like last year's ice did.

Judd: "you do get that fairweather fishing but you do get the diehards that'll be out at 12:01am"

13-year Quality Bait & Tackle Owner John Store isn't so sure...

John Store/Owner, Quality Bait & Tackle: "People want sunshine, they want it to be warm and comfortable when they go fishing, that's the end of the story"

He has a different view of fishing than the modern "Diehard", the ones with the latest and greatest technology onboard.

He reminisces of a time not so long ago when a rod and reel was all one needed.

He hopes that his 14th season opener will see more of the good ole days...

Store: "you don't need the high tech, you don't need the 100-thousand dollar boat"

One things for sure, whether technology is used to capture fish or just memories, there'll be plenty of both happening next weekend in Lake country.

"take a picture on the cell phone and release it, and show it to people later and just talk about how much fun it was and where you caught it"

Just a reminder if you plan on heading out for the season opener,

You can only keep a certain number of fish you catch. Check the easylinks tab on our website for more info.

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