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'Cops' TV show crew member dies after shooting outside Omaha fast-food restaurant

A crew member on the television show 'Cops' was shot and killed by an officer while they were pursuing a robbery suspect. 1 / 2
Omaha Police said an officer shot a man accused of robbing the Wendy's restaurant in the area Tuesday night. The suspect died at the hospital. A crew member from the television show, COPS, was also shot and killed. (KPTM)2 / 2
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'Cops' TV show crew member dies after shooting outside Omaha fast-food restaurant
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Omaha, NE (CNN) -- A crew member working on a taping of "Cops" was inadvertently shot and killed by a police officer during a robbery in Omaha, Nebraska, local officials said Wednesday.

Bryce Dion, an audio technician, is believed to be the first member of the "Cops" production staff killed in the 25-year history of the television show.

The production company behind "Cops," Langley Productions, said in a statement that it was "deeply saddened and shocked by this tragedy and our main concern is helping his family in any way we can."

Dion, 38, had been in Omaha all summer, helping with the production of future "Cops" episodes. The production company described him as a "long term member of the 'Cops' team and a very talented and dedicated person." His resume lists credits on "Cops" dating back to 2009.

Todd Schmaderer, the Omaha police chief, confirmed at a Wednesday afternoon news conference that a bullet fired by an officer struck Dion during a shootout with the robbery suspect, Cortez Washington, who was also killed.

Schmaderer described Dion as a friend to the officers that he'd been embedded with.

"This is as if we lost one of our own," Schmaderer said. "That is the grieving process we're going through right now."

Asked whether "Cops" would stop production in Omaha, the police chief said, "We haven't gotten that far." The investigation is ongoing, he said, and is relying in part on the "Cops" team's footage.

"Mr. Dion played the ultimate price for his service -- to provide the footage of the real-life dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis to television viewers throughout the world," Schmaderer said.