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Come-back kids

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The state baseball tournament begins Thursday in St. Cloud and for the first time in five years, the Hawley

Nuggets are part of the final eight.

The last three weeks have been nerve wracking for the Nuggets...

They had to win five straight elimination games to reach state.

In all of those games Hawley trailed, that included a walk-off win against rival Perham, giving this team a belief they can beat anybody.

Beau Lofgren- Hawley Head Coach: “The players it's amazing, they showed no fear at all and they gutted through it and couldn't be happier that we are at this point so very pleased.”

Jordan Harms- Hawley Sr. Outfielder, Pitcher: “We are up for the challenge, we want the best team and you have to beat the best to be the best, so it's what we wanted.  I feel like we are right where we need to be going to state, I think we are a state caliber team and we should be playing where we are at.”

Nuggets match up Thursday with defending champion Kasson-Mantorville.