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Cody Erickson to Race in NASCAR Truck Series

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Glyndon, MN (WDAY TV) - This area has produced its share of great race car drivers.  Donny Schatz is one of those names that you think of right away.  But, there's a new name emerging and this driver is taking the fast track to the national stage.

Some athletes play on turf or a court, but Cody Erickson has always had two feet or four wheels on dirt.

Cody Erickson/Race Car Driver – Ulen, MN: Growing up on the farm and stuff I haven't been afraid of the dirt that's for sure.

Erickson has farmed all his life with his family just outside of Ulen, Minnesota.

But, when he turned 13-years old tractors weren't fast enough anymore.

Erickson: I grew up and I did come to the races quite often, we'd come out here and watch probably every other week if not every week when I was younger.  Just been addicted to it ever since.

The last 6 months are still head shakers for Erickson, starting with the PEAK Dream Challenge; he was named one of 18 finalists in the Michael Waltrip Racing sponsored competition.

Erickson: We went down for three days and we got down there and they would tell us in the morning you are going to be doing this, your going to be doing this and we just had to suit up and show them what we had.  So we did everything from go-karts to driving a full on sprint cup car, road course stuff, media coverage, they just wanted to find a really well rounded individual.

Erickson has spent his entire racing career on the dirt oval, and most of the races have come in this A-Mod Racecar, but come Wednesday night he'll be driving something new on the dirt.

Erickson: Empire Racing team got my name from Michael Waltrip Racing, they gave me a call asking if I wanted to drive the truck for them for this dirt track deal and talked to my sponsors and they were all excited about it and yeah I guess now I'm here.

Erickson will be racing in the number 82 in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Wednesday night at Eldora Speedway in Ohio on national TV.

Casey Chounard/ Erickson's Crew Chief: I'm looking forward to see Cody at Eldora, we have always wanted to go even to watch on that track and to get a chance to see him race on it I mean it's a pretty cool deal.

Erickson: Six months ago I would have kind of laughed at the idea that I would have went to the Peak deal and I would be driving a NASCAR truck, so I don't know where the next step is going to go, we are going to pursue it as hard as we can and hopefully this truck race goes well.

And if it does, farming might have to take a back seat.  The Truck Race is this Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1 starting at 8 o'clock.  The Peak Challenge airs on the Velocity Channel on August 2nd.