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Coach in shock after player is removed from tournament for an inappropriate tweet

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Coach in shock after player is removed from tournament for an inappropriate tweet
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Wahpeton, ND (WDAY TV) - As the American Legion State Class A baseball tournament continues. One team is taking the field with one less player.


Last night a player was ejected from the tournament because of an inappropriate tweet.

Ryan Bodell/ Beulah Cyclones Coach: "I was told that I kind of had two options, kind of remove the player if someone confessed to it or our team could be expelled from the whole tournament."

An offending tweet was aimed at a Valley City player’s sister with the hash tags Beulah and the state legion tournament. When the team was presented with the ultimatum from officials, one of the players stood up, saying he didn't do it, but he'll take the fall, that way his team wouldn't be removed.

Bodell: "I was proud of him, not many players would do that for the team and sacrifice their own good for it."

But the tweet was posted on an anonymous site and the original source is unknown.

Bodell: "I guess I don't really know what's fair at this moment and I don't know if you can punish a kid without knowing with 100% certainty it was actually him."

Coach Bodell and fans hope that this incident is a learning experience for other and future players.

Bodell: "Hopefully they just learn to think, think things through before they do anything."

Geneil Vedaa/ Velva player's mother: "What I told my son, is that everything that comes to your mind, please don't put it down on a tweet or in social media because 20 years from now people will still judge you by the things that came out in social media."

Coach Bodell is still trying to get his player back in the tournament, but tonight that player will sit out.

American Legion tournament officials had no comment on this incident. 

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