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Christmas In June: Raising money for children in need

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Christmas In June: Raising money for children in need
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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If the heat's got you down, don't worry. It's Christmas in June for one charity in town.

A worker at St. Francis thrift store has cleaned his garage of Christmas decorations and set up a tent outside his home on 15th Avenue by South High.

His hope is to raise $5,000.

That money will then be used to purchase about 300 pairs of shoes from Payless.

His store has about 600 to 700 items from stuffed animals to glassware and some items haven't even left the box.

George Lacher/ Christmas In June store creator: β€œIt just feels good being able to, you know, help out and do for other people. Especially when I see the needs of 60 people a week that it's awesome to be able to sit there and be able to hand out and help the people that are really in need of things.”

Mr. Lacher's store will be open from now until late afternoon on Saturday.

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