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Caught on Camera: Early morning explosion destroys Dallas house

A Dallas house exploded early Tuesday morning, and it was caught on security and cell phone camera. 2 / 2

Dallas, TX (CNN) - A natural gas leak is being blamed for a house explosion and fire in Dallas Tuesday morning. Everyone inside the home got out safely. Surveillance cameras captured the blast, and a neighbor recorded the flames as she ran to escape.

When the shaking stopped, next door was an inferno burning white hot.

Sara Rodriguez- Neighbor:  "I grabbed my phone and called 911. I saw people screaming, yelling. And I was like shocked."

Just before 6 AM Tuesday, Sara Rodriguez was in her kitchen getting ready for school when the neighbor's house exploded.

Sara Rodriguez: "It sounded like boom, like a bomb or something like. It came towards us."

Listen to arriving firefighters yell at Sara to get out of her house.

Firefighter: "Come out of that house!"

Sara Rodriguez: "My grandma is coming!"

Firefighter: "Get her out of there!"

The blast shattered her windows, even melted blinds inside the home. 1612 Champagne Drive, though, was unrecognizable. Studs still stood, but brick walls got blown down."

Charles Price – Neighbor: “It's just amazing that everyone got out alive so maybe it was already on fire and then they had ran out, and it exploded on the way out."

And that is most remarkable. A mother and her five children escaped. The father was at work when this happened.

Sara Rodriguez: "I couldn't even believe it. It's like so, I feel so bad for them."

Atmos Energy said its lines weren't leaking. Dallas Fire Rescue determined the explosion and fire to be an accidental one, caused by a gas leak though, but one likely on the inside of the home.