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Cat hoarding: Over 100 cats inside South Fargo home

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - While responding to what turned out to be an accidental 911 call, Fargo Police found something they didn't expect: A home in South Fargo taken over by cats - many of them wild and untamed.

It may be difficult to see, but behind these trees and bushes is a house, and inside that house, police found more than 100 cats.

Animal control has removed about 70 of the felines over the last few weeks.

Neighbors say they sometimes saw the animals hanging around, but never imagined how many were in there.

“Just recently we walked by there and… man, what is that smell?"

Residents in this South Fargo neighborhood had a few more neighbors than they thought - living in this house.

Tim Anton lives down the block.

Tim Anton- Lives Down The Street: "We had different stray cats that would show up. We knew they were feral, they weren't friendly, wouldn't let us get close to them."

He says he knew the woman who lives here had many cats, but had no idea just how many.

“There's six, there's 8, and that's just in the window. I was like, how many are not in the window?"

Turns out, there were more than 100.

Fargo Police made the discovery while answering what turned out to be a 911 misdial in the neighborhood.

What they found was a house taken over by cats and unsanitary conditions.

Lt. Joel Vettel- Fargo Police Department: "I think anyone can recognize when you have 100 cats living in a confined space the smell was very pungent."

Animal control has been collecting the animals using live traps over the past few weeks.

Some of the healthier, tamer cats are going to local shelters for adoption, but many will have to be euthanized.

Anton: "People have a love for animals, that's natural. But when it gets to that point, how do you fix it? Without outside help, it doesn't happen."

The homeowner is cooperating and helping authorities gather the cats.

Police say they are not sure whether charges will be filed against her.