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Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu making sure students don't get bullied

At Fargo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, students are using non-violent techniques to tackle tough situations.2 / 2

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - It doesn't matter what school, or grade, every student gets bullied, at some point. We've found a way to help them come out on top.

At Fargo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, students are using non-violent techniques to tackle tough situations.

These are students you don't want to mess with. I guarantee it.

They're learning quick moves to drop an opponent to the ground as part of the "Bully Proof" class at Fargo's Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu.

Sarah Andersch, "Bully Proof" Program Instructor: "It's not punching and kicking to keep themselves safe, but how to get someone off you. How to, if someone is grabbing you, how to get them to strip that grip so they are not being controlled in a humiliating or uncomfortable way."

Students are learning how to handle threatening situations like bullying, or worse. Some students are years in, and have had to use moves like this, to get bullies to back down.

Ashley Nonez, "Bully Proof" Student: "It teaches you if someone actually offends you or tries to take you away, you can help yourself by defending yourself."

A lot of this class rides on respect. Instructor Sarah Andersch runs a tight ship and that discipline is helping increase student's confidence, like 9-year-old Alana here in the pink. She's practicing how to knock down an attacker.

Cassandra Schafer, Granddaugher in Class: "She feels more like she can handle herself, more sure of herself. They really boost your ego."

The key to building that confidence is practicing safe self-defense. Students are learning to battle bullies, without the bloody noses.

Andersch: "To be part of the solution, even if they are not being bullied themselves, but to help other kids."

Andersch says when done right, these techniques aren't dangerous and won't cause permanent damage, meaning your student is sent away with safe skills that can last a lifetime.

Bully Proof classes cost about $100 each month, and classes are offered five days a week.

There's a link on our website, under Easy Link, with more information.

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