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Bonanzaville hosting National Holocaust Museum’s Traveling Exhibition

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West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - North Dakota is getting a piece of world history. Starting Tuesday Bonanzaville is hosting the National Holocaust Museum's traveling exhibition. 


It's called "Fighting the Fires of Hate... America and the Nazi Book Burnings."

The Jewish Community Relations Council and Fargo-Grand Forks community members pushed for the exhibit. 

The panels feature pre and post-World War Two examples of book burning and the so-called "War of Ideas."

While we typically associate book burning with Nazi Germany, however some say the event still exists in modern day.

“It's important to remember it because this is going on today. It's gone on every year under some guise, whether it's McCarthism, whether it's limiting books or publications in countries around the world. It's a widespread issue and it always puts us at risk,” says Ted Kleinman of Fargo.

The exhibit's grand opening ceremony is from 4 to 6 Thursday night.

Admission is free during that time and $12 for adults after Thursday.