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Bonanzaville Church To Be Demolished
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Bonanzaville has decided to demolish the centerpiece of it's site...

St. Johns Lutheran Church caught fire on July 19th and is considered a total loss.


The Cass County Historical Society made the decision after weighing cost estimates.

Repairing the church would cost between 500-thousand and over 1-million dollars.

Demolishing it will cost 30-thousand dollars.

The board also approved a motion to talk with the owners of another 100 year old church, South Pleasant Lutheran in Christine, North Dakota.

They've offered to give the church to Bonanzaville.

"Very tough decision, I mean you're looking at a 100 plus year old facility and a lot of emotions," says Cass County Historical Society President John Monilaws.

Bonanzaville's insurance company valued the church at just over 27-thousand dollars.