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Bitcoin craze

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Fargo business is hitting the bitcoin craze, giving new meaning to new money.

Companies across the country are trying it; allowing customers and clients to pay in Bitcoins.

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo had its own trial run.

When hitting up your usual coffee stop, some stick to traditional transactions.

Joe Curry/Red Raven Worker, Owner: "Cash is tried and true."

"I know if I have $20 in my wallet, I know I have $20 to spend today."

While people like Eric Olson pull out something else.

Eric Olson/Bitcoin User: "I spend it the same way I spend cash."

He calls it the currency of the future.

Olson: "It's apparent it's very much alive."

He's taking about Bitcoins, and Red Raven in Fargo is taking a run at the money.

Curry: "Our clientele has always been on the cutting edge of technology."

They gave customers a new way to pay- one day only.

Olson: "Today I can buy almost anything I need aside from paying my electric bill."

Curry: "Bitcoins- I want to create a space where new emerging technologies can exist, where new ideas can exist, if it turns out to be something that doesn't bloom, that's fine."

You can't keep them in your purse, hold them in your hand, or even store them in a till. Bitcoin transactions are all done online on devices like your smart phone… Sent directly from person to person, without going through a bank or third party.

Olson: "It takes just a huge amount of time, cost and risk out of transactions."

So like their go-to orders, some will stand by what they know.

"No- because I like cash. I like where I can feel it and stuff."

While Olson hopes this new currency kick will catch on other places.

Olson: "I hope so. I've paid for quite a few cups of coffee so far."

Red Raven owners say they might consider accepting bitcoins all the time, pending a vote from their collective. 

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