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The reclaimed wood from this vintage NDSU basketball court is now for sale.

Bison Fans Can Own a Piece of Basketball History

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news Fargo, 58103
Fargo ND 301 8th St. S. 58103

 Bison fans could be able to get their hands on a piece of basketball history.

The same company that salvaged the Bison Sports Arena's wooden bleachers discovered another hidden gem during demolition... the painted floor where some of the Bison's most successful seasons were played.


It was found stashed in a storage room.

In the 90s, Bison Women's Basketball played 5 consecutive championship seasons on the floor.

Seth Carlson/ ICSS Design and Supply: it's kind of cool to have that piece of history and being able to bring it back to life, rather than just throwing it away.

If you're interested in owning a section of the floor, you can contact ICSS Design and Supply in Fargo.