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"Bike the US for MS" charity comes to Fargo


Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The Northern Tier of "Bike the US for MS" is traveling through North Dakota this week and helping people along the way.


Sunday the group was leaving Fargo and making a pit stop just south of town to help an MS patient build a ramp for his home.

Monday the group of nearly 25 will be in Little Yellowstone Park and in three days, Bismarck.

The goal of each biker is to raise a dollar per mile.

The Northern Tier alone has raised nearly $100,000 and so far in 2014 the charity as a whole has raised over $285,000.

Kenneth Jordan/ Bike the US for MS Member: “It's not about us feeling good about ourselves, it's about helping them. And I really learned that in Minneapolis. They're so appreciative and they really do think it's a one way road. They keep thinking it's us giving to them but they don't realize how much they give to us.”

The Northern tiers route started in Bar Harbor, Maine and ends in Seattle, Washington. It will take them 69 days to travel the 4,295 miles.